Today’s lesson is one of my favourites – since I watched this video I haven’t been able to teach clothes vocabulary in another way. I know that the notion of sexist clothes is a tough one; it might be difficult to have a serious, matter-of-fact discussion, as students usually get into a heated debate on this topic. This lesson does not usually finish with the school bell – students strive to have an in-depth discussion on sexism and a 45-minute class is not enough. The issue of clothes is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexism and gender inequality –  it is not only a matter of clothes, but also toys, jobs, school subjects…. And it starts really early – children in the kindergarten already know which clothes/toys/activities are for boys and which are for girls.

I truly believe that this topic should be touched upon in our lessons, particularly in high school. The way we raise and teach children has a huge impact on the whole society and since sexism is all around us – help your students to notice it!