The moment I saw Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk I knew I had to create a lesson on it – it’s such an inspiring speech that I felt everyone should learn about it ? I’ve been working on the lesson plan for a while, constantly rewriting, correcting, tweaking and modifying the content of it. Ta-da! It’s finally ready, waiting for your B2+ lessons with teenagers and adults. It might serve as an incentive for discussion but it is not only a ‘speaking’ lesson. For me, it is more of a life skills lesson, as students can prepare for all the important but stressful situations in life such as an English exam or a job interview. To be quite honest, I believe that this TED Talk is also great for us, teachers, as we can brush up our knowledge of body language and at the same time learn how to deal with stressful situations  – it can come in handy should you want to change your job in the near future ; )


The lesson is based on the concept of power posing, which is tightly interwoven with body language and the question: ‘Can our body change our mind?’ If you want to know how you can change the way you feel about yourself (and the level of hormones in your body as well!), watch this fantastic TED talk by Amy Cuddy. This is truly an idea worth spreading!