This activity is a continuation of the lesson about clothes & stereotypes, however, this time the focus of the activity is put on the image of girls. Are women the weaker sex? What does it mean to do something ‘like a girl’? I have a strong suspicion that when you read ‘like a girl’ you had an image of a person who is not capable of doing something correctly, in a right way – it is more of a caricature,  isn’t it?

This phenomenon is perfectly shown in an advert  (or a campaign, to be more precise) made by Always. It is striking how a single image of doing something ‘like a girl’ varies with age – young children are not spoiled by the stereotypes and they know that doing something like a girl means that you do something as well you can and the word ‘girl’ is a simple description of the gender. But there comes a time when everything changes and this expression becomes an insult… Time to change that!